What Are the Advantages of Silicone Sealant Used in Electronics and Electrical Appliances?

Organic silicone sealant is a sealant relying on wet air vulcanisation, and this sealant is more convenient to use under construction because of its feature of single-component. It will form a flexible rubber body after vulcanisation, and this body can play a role of bonding substrate to complete the construction without using any ready-mixed paint, and electrical and electronic components wouldn't corrode after construction.

What are the advantages of application in electrical and electronic?

1.High-grade chemical resistance, as the organic silicone sealant belongs to the chemicals and is used in the bonding of electrical components, many users are worried that it will corrode components as time goes on, directly affecting the regular operation of electrical appliances. The sealant will not have this situation at all, it wouldn't damage the electrical components but protect them during the process.

2.Strong weather resistance. The performance will not change either in the change of seasons or temperature; it can regularly perform between -50 and 250 Celcius degrees and ensure the electrical appliances operate properly.

3.Organic silicone sealant can also play an insulating effect in the application of electrical and electronic appliances so that it can profoundly improve the insulation properties of machines and ensure safety during use.

4.After the sealant is applied on electrical or electronic appliances, it contains the features including low phenyl contents, non-solvent, safe performance and guaranteed quality. If the amount of phenyl content is too high, it can not be applied to any appliance.

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