The Effect of Thermal Silicon Grease on CPU

Anyone familiar with computer hardware knows that there is a layer of white paste at the junction between the CPU fan's heat sink and the CPU (if the cured material is heat-dissipating silicone), which is the heat conductive silicone grease, commonly known as thermal paste.

Thermally conductive silicone grease is a kind of high thermal conductivity insulating silicone resin material, which almost never cures. It can maintain the grease state for a long time at a temperature of -50°C to 230°C. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, water, ozone and weathering.

Heat conductive silicone grease has excellent thermal conductivity, can adapt to a wide temperature range, and has good electrical insulation. Of course, not all heat conductive silicone grease is insulating, we usually use insulating grease for installation. The working temperature of heat conductive silicone grease generally does not exceed 200℃, the highest adaptable temperature can withstand 300℃, and the low temperature is around -60℃.

The main function of thermal grease on the central processing unit is to conduct heat to the radiator, so as to keep the temperature of the central processing unit at a stable working level, prevent the central processing unit from damage due to poor heat dissipation, and extend it to a large extent The service life of the central processing unit. In addition, the more thermal grease is used, the better the heat dissipation effect. Under the premise of ensuring that the gap is filled, the thinner the better, and more applications are not beneficial, otherwise, it will affect the heat conduction.

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