The Application Field and Development Trend of Adhesive for Silicone

Silicone glue is a part of organic silicon products, mainly divided into deacetic acid type, dealcohol type, deamination type and deoxime type. Different types of silicone adhesives have different application areas:

Acid glass glue

1. It is suitable for sealing, blocking, leak-proofing and weather-proofing. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (the indoor effect is better).

2. Bonding various interior decorations of automobiles, including: metal, fabric, organic fabric and plastic.

3. Join the gaskets on the heating and cooling equipment.

4. Install ribs without screw holes, nameplates and paint and plastic materials on the metal surface.

5. Seal the window on the oven door, the flue on the gas appliance, the pipe joint, and the passage door.

6. Provide instant-shaped anti-leak pads for gearboxes, compressors, and pumps.

7. Seal the cabin and the window.

8. Sealing of glass windows in trailers and truck cabs.

9. Glue and seal equipment parts.

10. Form an anti-wear coating.

11. Inlay and fill thin metal sheet stacks, pipe networks and equipment casings.

Neutral weather resistant glue

1. Suitable for weather-resistant sealing of various curtain walls, especially recommended for weather-resistant sealing of glass curtain walls, aluminum-plastic panel curtain walls, and stone dry hanging;

2. Sealing the joints between metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tiles, plexiglass, and coated glass;

3. Joint sealing of concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, anodized aluminum and painted aluminum surface. In most cases, no primer is needed.

Silicone structural adhesive

1. It is mainly used for the metal and glass structure or non-structural bonding assembly of glass curtain wall;

2. It can directly connect the glass and the surface of the metal component to form a single assembly component, which can meet the design requirements of the curtain wall with full or semi-hidden frame;

3. Structural bonding and sealing of insulating glass.

Adhesive for silicone has excellent high and low temperature mechanical properties and aging resistance, single-component packaging, fast curing, convenient use, and stable storage. It occupies an important position in the market of building waterproofing, door and window and curtain wall structure glass assembly and architectural decoration. With the technological breakthrough of silicone sealant products and the internationalization of production equipment, product varieties and output have increased rapidly, and market competition has gradually become fierce, showing a tendency to low price and cost competition, and corporate profits have been declining year by year, especially when the supply of raw material monomers is suddenly in short supply. When prices are doubled, some manufacturing companies cannot bear the dual pressure from upstream and downstream and can only exit the market, while some companies with strong strength and emphasis on technological innovation can transform unfavorable factors to expand the market with high-quality and new functional products at competitive prices.

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