Two-Part, 1 To 1 Mix Ratio Transparent Silicone Gel - 324C-AB

Special features of  GOLOHO-324C-AB

Two-part, 1:1 mix ratio
Low viscosity
Room temperature accelerated cure, no small molecule release
Suitable working time at room temperature
Excellent adhesion and self-healing
Excellent stability at 200℃ high temperature
  • Description
GOLOHO-324C is a two-part, addition curing silicone gel

Applications of GOLOHO-324C-AB

Suitable for sealing and protecting various high purity electronic devices
Especially protection of sophisticated and mixed circuit

Technical data of GOLOHO-324C-AB
(these values are not the ultimate property performance, for reference only)






Colorless transparent


Colorless transparent

Specific gravity

A            (25℃)g/cm3


B            (25℃)g/cm3



A                (25℃)cps


B                (25℃)cps


A/BMix ratio



cP Mixed viscosity


(25℃,60%RH)minWorking time



Cure time at 25℃


Heat cure time at 60℃


Heat cure time at 130℃






Linear CTE(by TMA)


Volume resistivity


Dielectric strength


Cautions of GOLOHO-324C-AB

  • To ensure all the protected surfaces be clean and dry
  • The two components should be thoroughly mixed at a 1:1 ratio by weight or volume,   a vacuum encapsulation for 5~10min is recommended(10~20mm Hg)
  • Working time is defined as the time required for viscosity to double after mixing followed by recommended ratio in 2h at room temperature
  • To eliminate any air introduced during dispensing or trapped, a vacuum encapsulation is recommended, especially for complex shape circuit

Special notes of GOLOHO-324C-AB

Don't contact with the following materials specially in the process of using, otherwise it will cure incompletely or even not cure.
  • Organotin
  • Organic silicone with tin
  • Sulfides
  • Amide, polyurethane, amide, azido components

Healing qualities of GOLOHO-324C-AB

Good healing qualities and pressure sensitive adhesive performance for itself, so it can keep consistent between repairable adhesive materials and the whole

Packing information of GOLOHO-324C-AB

In general, 18kg+18kg package

Storage and shelf life of GOLOHO-324C-AB

Storage at room temperature 12 months shelf life in unopened container

Safety notes of GOLOHO-324C-AB

Reference in the corresponding material safety data sheets

For users of  GOLOHO-324C-AB

  • Without notice, the contents of this article may be changed due to the product performance improvement and specification.
  • We just only ensure the specifications of our products. You have to test the product before using to conform if it is suitable for your use.
  • Our products are developed for general industrial use.
  • The data are real expression in the existing test methods and results of GOLOHO POLYMER in this paper. However, because of the uniqueness of every application, the product information can never replace necessary testing before user's applying. The user's test results are the only way to ensure the product is suitable for their specific application requirements. Therefore, unless a written guarantee, GOLOHO POLYMER only ensures the products comply with the factory specifications. GOLOHO POLYMER never recognizes any other form of guarantee and claim clause. GOLOHO POLYMER has the right to test again for product quality if there is any quality problem. GOLOHO POLYMER will provide replacement or refund if any quality problem confirm. Users should be responsible for ensuring that their applications comply with local safety regulations and obtain the necessary certifications and recognition. GOLOHO POLYMER does not undertake any responsibility for any safety and loss problems.
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