Two-Part, 1 To 1 Mix Ratio Silicone Potting - 4313-AB

Features of GOLOHO-4313-AB

Flammability,UL-94V0 certification
Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, weather, ultraviolet light and aging, excellent performance of insulation and thermal conductivity
Mix ratio 1:1, mixed color is W/G, low viscosity, good flowability, long working time, Rapid integrated curing speed, suitable for encapsulation of extensive module.
Superior heat curing feature allows a wide range of area and depth of sealing parts, smooth surface and out from within.
  • Description
GOLOHO-4313(W)-AB is a two part flame retardant additional thermal conductive encapsulant particularly designed for electrical industrial. It will form rubber elastomer non-corrosive to metal at room or low temperature .

How to Use GOLOHO-4313-AB

  • Stirred thoroughly before mixing
  • Mixed in 1:1 ratio by weight
  • Agitation: mixed thoroughly by low speed agitation
  • Foam scrubbing: evacuation for 5 minutes after mixing. Dispose it if a small amount of operation or no critical request of foam.
  • Encapsulation: pour into the article immediately after agitation and foam scrubbing thoroughly, it can flow flat naturally
  • Curing 1:curing at room temperature for 2.5 hours. The cure rate is rapidly accelerated with heat
  • Curing 2: curing by oven. After 30 min standing and foam scrubbing thoroughly and preliminary curing at room temperature, the encapsulant will be cured at 70℃ for 20 minutes

Technical data  of GOLOHO-4313-AB







White(grey), Flowing

白色流动状White, Flowing

g/cm3 Density



Viscosity cP



Mix ratio(weight/volume)



Cured mechanical properties

Working time           (25℃)h


Cure conditions

Durometer               JIS A


Tensile strength         MPa


Elongation         %


Thermal conductivity             W/m·K




Electrical properties

Volume resistivity     Ω﹒cm


Dielectric strength           kV/mm


Other Cautions of GOLOHO-4313-AB

  • Curing processing will be prevented if contact with condensed silicone rubber and gas released, N, P, S, heavy metal chemicals
  • Wear an eye-patch and gloves during operation, keep the environment be ventilated
  • Packaging: A, 25kg, B, 25kg
  • Storage: shelf life is 6 months when it stored in cool dry place under the condition of 22℃ and RH<55%. Keep out of the reach of children.
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