Addition Silicone Rubber

GOLOHO Addition Silicone Rubber produces no by-products in the curing process, allowing their use in deep section and complete confinement.

GOLOHO Addition Silicone Rubber has two types, one is one-part type, the other is two-part.

The One-part addition one is heat-cured, thermally conductive adhesives. These adhesives will develop good, primerless adhesion to a variety of common substrates including metals, ceramics, epoxy laminate boards, reactive materials and filled plastics.
For most users, GOLOHO Addition Silicone Rubber should be operational over a temperature range of -45-200℃ for long periods of time. However, at both the low and high-temperature ends of the spectrum, the behavior of the materials and performance in particular applications can become more complex. So, the addition silicone uses additional tests to check its performance before use.More
Long-term, reliable protection of sensitive circuits and components is important in many of today’s delicate and demanding electronic applications. Addition-cure silicone is heat cured silicone rubber, which should be cured at 100℃ or above the cure rate is rapidly accelerated with heat. Addition-curing materials contain all the ingredients needed for cure with no by-products from the cure mechanism. Deep-section or confined cures are possible. Cure progress evenly throughout the material. One-part addition-cure silicone rubber should be kept tightly closed at low temperature (below 5℃).

Two-part addition silicone rubber are room temperature or heat accelerated cure. When the two components are thoroughly mixed in a 1 to 1 mix ratio, cure reaction begins. Initially, cure is evidenced by a gradual increase in viscosity, followed by gelation and conversion to a solid, flexible elastomer, which is well suited for the protection of electrical/electronic applications. They cure without exotherm at a constant rate regardless of sectional thickness or degree of confinement. Thus, deep section and complete confinement are preferred. At the same time, no by-products are produced in the cure process. Two-part addition cure silicone rubber should be kept tightly against oxygen and moisture at room temperature.