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  • Two-Part, 1 To 1 Mix Ratio Silicone Potting - 4313-AB
    GOLOHO-4313(W)-AB is a two part flame retardant additional thermal conductive encapsulant particularly designed for electrical industrial. It will form rubber elastomer non-corrosive to metal at room ...
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  • Long-term, reliable protection of sensitive circuits and components is important in many of today’s delicate and demanding electronic applications. Addition-cure silicone is heat cured silicone rubber, which should be cured at 100℃ or above the cure rate is rapidly accelerated with heat. Addition-curing materials contain all the ingredients needed for cure with no by-products from the cure mechanism. Deep-section or confined cures are possible. Cure progress evenly throughout the material. One-part addition-cure silicone rubber should be kept tightly closed at low temperature (below 5℃).

    Two-part addition silicone rubber are room temperature or heat accelerated cure. When the two components are thoroughly mixed in a 1 to 1 mix ratio, cure reaction begins. Initially, cure is evidenced by a gradual increase in viscosity, followed by gelation and conversion to a solid, flexible elastomer, which is well suited for the protection of electrical/electronic applications. They cure without exotherm at a constant rate regardless of sectional thickness or degree of confinement. Thus, deep section and complete confinement are preferred. At the same time, no by-products are produced in the cure process. Two-part addition cure silicone rubber should be kept tightly against oxygen and moisture at room temperature.
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