Water Based Silicone 1

Hydrophilic silicones are prepared by hydrolysis of volatile chlorosilanes in an oxyhydrogen flame. From a chemical point of view, these loose white powders are composed of high purity amorphous silicone. Hydrophilic silicones can be wetted with water and dispersed in water. In addition to applications in traditional industrial applications such as polyesters, silicones, paints and coatings, hydrophilic silicone products are increasingly used in high-tech areas. The nanoparticle properties and high purity of fumed silicones have led to their use in the electronics and fiber optic industries. Hydrophilic silicone products have an amorphous structure by x-ray analysis. Depending on the market and the application, we can supply primary particles of different particle sizes and products with different specific surface areas. Some silicone products are available for compression and some are pharmaceutical grade.

The function of hydrophilic silicone:

1.Suitable for processing and adjusting to optimum rheology

2.Reinforcement of silicone elastomer

3.Thickening of non-polar liquids

4.Flow aid for food and industrial powders

5.High chemical purity

6.Excellent insulation even at high temperatures

7.Liquid is converted into powder, such as medicine, cosmetics
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