The Development Direction and Foreground of Adhesive and Adhesive Technology

With the development of economy and science, adhesive is indispensable in industry, agriculture, transportation, medical care, national defense and daily life. Almost anyone and anything are involved in adhesives. China's adhesives started in the 1950s. After entering the 1990s, the adhesive industry has developed rapidly. Adhesive has become a kind of important fine chemical products. It can be said that where there are humans, there is no shortage of adhesive products and adhesion technologies. It provides a new and practical technology for industry, which creates a colorful life for mankind.

Adhesives and bonding techniques are becoming more and more important in structural connection, assembly and reinforcement, earthquake mitigation, weight loss growth, decoration, waterproof and anti corrosion, emergency repair, etc, especially in the development of energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and new technology, and new products,which has become important engineering materials and process methods.

Adhesion technology is the unrivalled special technology of other connection methods, which plays a significant role in modern economy, modern defense, and modern technology. The various aircraft of modern spaceflight and aeronautics have more adhesive area and larger adhesiven area. For example, the fuselage, wing, operation face, fairing and integral fuel tank of the B-1 aircraft can reach 80% of the total surface area of the aircraft. The Boeing 747 has a rubber covering area of about 3,000 square meters. The aircraft adopts the adhesive connection, the structural quality is reduced by 15%, the total cost is 25~ 30%. The result of a heavy bomber using bonding instead of riveting is a 34 percent reduction in the quality of the structure. A large radar has a adhesive structure and a 20% quality reduction. The car body adopts adhesive instead of spot welding, which can reduce the quality by about 10%. The ship uses adhesive honeycomb sandwich board to make the hull, it can reduce the 40% quality, and improve the speed and safety. With the lightness of automobile, high speed and comfort, it is necessary to use thin structure and plastic parts, and the bonding is the best way to connect. Modern buildings are beautiful and novel, and the indoor facilities are comfortable and luxurious, and the decorative materials are varied. The adhesive plays a special role in the building, such as light quality, saving energy, sealing, leak proof, heating, antifouling, durability and so on. The application of adhesives is being developed and popularized in medical treatment. It is used to repair the organs, the skin of the bone, the suture and the hemostasis, and the repair of the tympanic membrane. Adhesives have many functions, such as connection, sealing, insulation, shock absorption, heat insulation, noise reduction, damping, noise reduction, moisture-proof, sticky coat, conduction, magnetic conduction, antiwear and oil resistance.

The dosage of the adhesive is little, the effect is not small; the consumption is not much, and the efficiency is great. For example, the 502 instant dry glue, which is known by the family, is used by a drop meter, which is cured by a second meter, and the strength is tonnes. The adhesive efficiency is very high, and the development rate of adhesion and sealing technology in the last 20 years is 2.5 times faster than the traditional riveting joint. It is believed that adhesives and bonding techniques will play a more important role in modern society production and life.

The development direction and prospect of adhesive

In recent years, with the rapid development of automobile, household appliances, construction materials, aerospace industry, decoration engineering, water conservancy and information industry, electronic instruments and electronic appliances, the demand for adhesives and different conditions of adhesives in various industries are increasing. At the same time, the demand for adhesives and the efficiency of the adhesive process and environmental pollution are also raised. The future development direction of adhesives is as follows:

In the first place, environmental protection is becoming more and more popular, and environmental friendly adhesives have gradually become the mainstream of development.

Secondly, high quality, high performance and high added-value adhesives have been raised in recent years to become a new profit growth point and new research hotspot in the adhesive market.

Third. It is difficult to apply the complex synthetic process and the demanding equipment. The "green" environmentally-friendly adhesive, which has a wide source of raw materials, it is easy to prepare and easy to use, and will be the "favorite" of the market. After defining the development direction of the adhesive, we need to make efforts to improve the technical content of adhesive products, which can be considered from the following aspects:

1) The new design of the new formula has a new unique performance to adapt to the more harsh working conditions. Such as adhesive for aerospace, American AST.ME595 standard aerospace adhesive and sealing material in high vacuum temperature 125cI= under 710 - 3Pa, 24 hours, the quality of the material loss of more than 1%, water recovery rate of more than 0.1% {2.5cI=}. In the past, only a few spaceflight powers, such as the United States and Russia, had the ability to produce this kind of material. In recent years, China has successfully developed to meet the adhesive and potting material for aerospace micro motor and components required by ASTME595.

2) The introduction of new technology to improve the performance of adhesives, the application of nano-technology is not the Arabian night, and the practical progress has been achieved in the development of many materials. In solid state physics research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, physics, university of Shanghai, Qingdao chemical industry university, East China university of science and technology and so on all have new achievements, practical progress of functional high strength carbon nanotubes and PP plastic. This proves that nanoparticles can enhance the cohesion strength of polymer materials and crystalline materials, and can enhance the effect in adhesive. The development of nano-particles has been made into ductile ceramics and new ideas for the toughening of inorganic adhesive. The emulsion paint for the reflection ultraviolet ray paint is produced, it has the functions of resistance, anti-foreign matter adsorption, anti-bacterial, anti-algae, anti-weathering, artificial aging test life of more than 10 years, and the ability to wash up to 6000 times.

3) The preparation and temperature control of the former reactor of the automatic production equipment have been manual or semi-automatic, and computer control will be gradually promoted in the future.

4) Develop convenient, fast and accurate construction equipment with automatic cleaning structure after use.

5) Strengthen standardized management and manufacturing testing equipment and instruments, and strengthen the quality monitoring of raw materials, process and finish products of adhesives.

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