How To Use Quick-drying Silicone Sealant

Quick-drying Silicone Sealant Usages

1.Use: A single group of silicone glass glue can be used immediately. It is easy to type it from the bottle with a glue gun, and a spatula or wood chip can be used to trim the surface.

2.Adhesion time: the curing process of silicone rubber is developed from the surface to the inside. The drying time and curing time of different characteristics of silica gel are different. So if you want to fix the surface you have to do it before the glass gel sheet is dry (acid glue, neutral and transparent glue should be in 5-10 minutes, neutral color glue should be in 30 minutes generally). If the color paper is used to cover a certain place, after coating, it must be removed before the skin is formed.

3.Curing time: the curing time of glass glue increases as the adhesive thickness increases. For example, the acid glass glue of 12mm thickness may take 3-4 days to solidify. But within about 24 hours, the outer layer of 3mm has been solidified. When glued to glass, metal or most wood, it has an anti-stripping strength of 20 pounds per inch at room temperature after 72 hours. If the use of glass glue is partially or completely sealed, the solidification time is determined by the closeness of the seal. In a place of absolute closeness, it is possible to remain uncured forever. If the temperature is raised, the glass will soften. The gap between metal and metal bonding should not exceed 25mm. In all kinds of bonding situations, including airtight conditions, the adhesion effect should be thoroughly checked before the equipment is used. In the curing process, acid glass glue will produce a smell due to the volatilization of acetic acid, which will disappear in the curing process. There will be no smell after curing.

4.Adhesion: A. Wipe the surface of the metal and plastic completely, remove the oil, and then wash the whole surface with acetone except for the plastic. If it is rubber surface, apply sandpaper and rub it with acetone. Please observe the precautions when using acetone. B. Apply the glass glue evenly on the surface of the prepared object. If the two surfaces are glued together, place one side properly first and press the other side to squeeze out the air, but be careful not to extrude the glass. C. place the bonding device at room temperature and wait for the glass to solidify.

5.Seal: the silicone glass sealant also can be used for sealing purposes according to the above steps. Squeeze the glass glue into the joint or the seam so that the glass glue is in full contact with the surface.

6.Cleaning: before curing, the glass glue can be erased with a cloth or paper towel. After curing, it should be cleaned with a scraper or xylene, acetone and other solvents.

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