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  • Temperature Resistance Of Super Heat Resistant Silicone RubberTemperature Resistance Of Super Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber2019/08/06It is well known that heat resistant silicone rubber can withstand high temperature. It is a high temperature resistant and tensile silicone rubber based on special silicone rubber material. It can wi...view
  • Advantages Of Heat Resistant Silicone GlueAdvantages Of Heat Resistant Silicone Glue2019/08/04Heat resistant silicone glue is a polymer of isoprene made from latex collected from rubber trees. It has good wear resistance, high elasticity, breaking strength and elongation. It is easy to age in ...view
  • What Are The Characteristics Of Ceramic Silicone Rubber?What Are The Characteristics Of Ceramic Silicone Rubber?2019/08/02Ceramic silicone rubber is more popular in electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing than other products containing silica gel. Ceramic silicone rubber mainly includes silicone rubber matrix, c...view
  • What is the Difference between Thermal Conductive Silicone Grease and Thermal ConductiveWhat is the Difference between Thermal Conductive Silicone Grease and Thermal Conductive2019/07/31Thermal conductive silica gel, also known as thermally conductive rtv, can be cured at room temperature and has certain bonding properties. Thermally conductive RTV is a kind of silicone rubber, which...view
  • Vulcanization of RTV oneVulcanization of RTV one2019/07/29The vulcanization reaction of RTV one is initiated by moisture in the air. The commonly used cross-linking agent is methyl triacetoxysilane, whose Si-O-C bond is easily hydrolyzed. Acetoxy and hydroge...view
  • What Does Silicone MeanWhat Does Silicone Mean2018/10/26(1) Silicon is a very rich element on the earth, and silicone is the product after the organic silicon is organized. Silicone, also known as silicone or siloxane, is a siloxane organic polymer that is...view
  • Applying Silicone Sealant TipsApplying Silicone Sealant Tips2018/10/25(1) Tips and routine maintenance of sealing stripsautomotive sealant strip are one of the important parts of the car. It is widely used in doors, windows, body, seats, sunroofs, engine compartments an...view
  • Tips For Silicone SealantTips For Silicone Sealant2018/10/24(1) Silicone sealant for construction is widely accepted as the waterproof sealing material widely used in interior and exterior decoration of various buildings. However, with the rapid development of...view