Main Role of RTV-1 Silicone Rubber

RTV-1 silicone rubber is also listed as a single component room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which is one of the main products in condensed liquid silicone rubber. It is usually formulated from base polymer, crosslinking agent, catalyst, filler and additives. The product is packaged in a sealed hose, squeezed out during use, and can be vulcanized into an elastomer after being exposed to air, which is extremely convenient to use. The vulcanizate can be used for a long time in the temperature range of (-60~+200℃), has excellent electrical insulation properties and chemical stability, is resistant to water, ozone, and weathering, and has good adhesion to a variety of metal and non-metal materials.

RTV-1 silicone rubber is mainly used for coating various electronic components and electrical equipment. The encapsulating material has the functions of insulation, moisture-proof and shock-proof; as a surface protection material for semiconductor devices; also as a sealing filler and elastic adhesive Wait.

The RTV-1 silicone rubber does not absorb or emit heat during curing, has a small shrinkage rate after curing, and has good adhesion to the material. Therefore, it is mainly used as an adhesive and sealant. Other applications include in-situ gaskets, protective coatings and caulking materials. Many formulations of one-component silicone rubber adhesives exhibit automatic bonding properties to a variety of materials such as most metals, glass, ceramics and concrete. When bonding is difficult, a primer can be applied to the substrate to improve the bonding strength. The primer can be a reactive silane monomer or resin. When they are cured on the substrate, a modified layer suitable for silicone bonded surface.

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