Knowledge of the Storage Environment of Adhesive for Silicone

Silicone adhesive products have strict requirements on the storage environment. A poor storage environment will reduce the performance of the adhesive for silicone and even solidify the product. In severe cases, the performance of a certain aspect of the silicone rubber will be lost and the product will be scrapped.

In a high temperature environment, adhesive for silicone will accelerate aging, produce a "reduction" phenomenon, accelerate the loss of some properties, and shorten the expiration life. Therefore, the storage temperature has a great influence on the quality of silicone adhesive, and the storage temperature does not exceed 27°C.

In a low temperature environment, a too low ambient temperature will crystallize the cross-linking agent and coupling agent in the adhesive for silicone. The crystals will cause poor appearance of the adhesive and uneven local additives. The colloid can be partially solidified during sizing. Therefore, crystalline silicone glue cannot be used. In order to prevent the crystallization of silicone adhesive, the storage environment should not be lower than -5°C.

In a high-humidity environment, silicone glue will solidify when exposed to water vapor. The greater the relative humidity in the storage environment, the faster the curing speed of the silicone glue. Many silicone glues will produce a large amount of 3-5 months after production. Dry glue has a direct relationship with the relative humidity of the storage environment. The relative humidity of the storage environment is ≤70%.

The packaging of rigid tube silicone rubber is PE material, and the packaging of flexible packaging is aluminum film material. Under the same conditions, the water vapor transmission rate of aluminum film material is lower than that of PE material. This is the same glue. Hard packaging is easier to produce dry glue than soft packaging, which is the reason for the shorter shelf life, so under the same storage environment, we need to focus on the shelf life of hard packaging products.

All in all, silicone adhesive products should be stored in a dry, ventilated, cool place, the best storage temperature is between -5~27℃, and the best storage humidity should be ≤70%. Storage should be avoided in wind, rain, and direct sunlight. Under normal transportation and storage conditions, the storage period is at least 6 months from the date of production.

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