Industry Serviced

  • New Energy VehicleNew Energy Vehicle2017/12/20Assembling, dissipating and protecting electronic component of new energy vehicle.view
  • PowerPower2017/12/20Sealing and protection against water ingress of power devices. Protection and heat dissipation of PCB. Bonding and fixing of electronic components.view
  • PV IndustryPV Industry2017/12/20Bonding and sealing photovoltaic frame. Thermal conductivity, encapsulating and protection against water ingress of junction box. Sealing, heat dissipation and protection against water ingress of micro-inverter.view
  • Light Emitting Diode(LED)Light Emitting Diode(LED)2017/12/20Encapsulating LED lamp beads. Bonding the COB and lamp cap. Dissipating heat of light bar.view
  • Home ApplianceHome Appliance2017/12/20Company Profile GOLOHO POLYMER was established in 1995 which is the leading conglomerate in China specialized in industrial adhesive R&D and production. Our main products are organic silicone adhe...view
  • Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)2017/12/20LCD module IC and gold wire protection.view