Development of High Temperature Resistant Silicone Coatings

High temperature resistant silicone coating is one of the main varieties of high temperature resistant coatings, usually made of silicone resin, heat resistant pigments, additives, solvents, etc. The choice of pigments is similar, high temperature resistant white pigments can be TiO2; color pigments generally use inorganic pigments, such as iron-based, cadmium-based, and chromium-based pigments, but the environmental pollution of heavy metal pigments should also be considered; metal pigments should be aluminum, zinc, stainless steel powder and titanium magnesium powder are beneficial to improve heat resistance and corrosion resistance; body pigments are talc powder, mica powder, barium sulfate, diatomaceous earth, low melting glass powder, ceramic powder, etc., and even ceramic glaze or magnetic The use temperature of porcelain can reach above 800℃. There is no doubt that the types and basic characteristics of silicone resins play a decisive role in the high temperature resistance of coatings.

Add dispersant, anti-settling agent, cosolvent, etc. to the silicone resin to disperse uniformly at high speed, and then add other high temperature resistant pigments and fillers according to the formula to make a paste. Then use an oscillating mixer to mix until the fineness is qualified, add other solvents, additives, etc., disperse uniformly at high speed, and filter to obtain high temperature resistant silicone coating.

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