Waterproof Mastic Sealant 2

Silicone rubber waterproof mastic sealant is a non-shaped sealing material composed of organopolysiloxane as the main agent, with vulcanizing agent, vulcanization accelerator, reinforcing filler and pigment added. According to the use, it can be divided into F type and G type. Type F is used for building joints while Type G is used for mounting glass. According to the fluidity, it can be divided into N type and L type. The N type is non-sagging type while the L type is self-leveling type. According to different vulcanizing agents, silicone rubber sealants can be divided into acetic acid type, ketone oxime type, alcohol type, amine type and amide type. In general, high modulus silicone rubber building sealant uses two types of vulcanization systems: acetic acid type and alcohol type; medium modulus silicone rubber building sealant adopts alcohol type vulcanization system; low modulus silicone rubber construction sealant adopts amide type vulcanization system.

The waterproof principle of silicone rubber foam sealing strip: silicone rubber sealing strip will elastically deform under pressure, so that the gap between the contact interface and the sealing strip is filled and generates a rebounding force, so that the contact surface and the foam sealing strip produce friction. When the sealing strip itself does not leak and when the friction force and the rebounding force are greater than the internal pressure or the external pressure of the sealed medium, the sealing material does not leak due to deformation or displacement, and vice versa.

Silicone rubber waterproof mastic sealant includes:

Deacetic Acid Type

General-purpose application range: glass joints, frame gaps, glass suspension, glass installation in glass sinks (showcases, shop windows)

Highly transparent application range: seams that require transparency

Anti-mildew application range: sealing of bathroom, countertop, washroom, sanitary ware

Structural seal level application range: SSG construction

Features: high modulus, transparency, fast curing, odor, and corrosive to iron and copper

Deketoxime Type

Anti-mildew application range: sealing of bathroom, countertop, washroom, sanitary ware

General-purpose application range: glass joints, frame joints, metal joints, assembly houses, tile, brick stone bonding

Features: high modulus, medium speed curing, and corrosive to steel

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