Uses Of Waterproof Adhesive

Uses of waterproof adhesive:

1.Concrete surface: apply directly on the concrete surface, with thickness between 2mm and 3mm, not too thin or too thick. Dry for more than 7 days after construction.

2.Seam sealing: the waterproof adhesive can be used as seam sealing, no matter it is cement, tile, gypsum, stone material, wood or other material. It has strong sealing and waterproof properties.

3.Toilet and bath waterproof: the waterproofing work of toilet and bathroom is very important, and the use of waterproof adhesive can achieve high water-proofing. Apply directly to the base surface and wait until it is completely dry before putting it into use.

4.Roof waterproof: waterproof adhesive can be used in roof waterproof engineering. The method of use is very simple. Mix directly with cement paste and apply evenly on the roof.  Roof and wall waterproofing is easy to complete.

What should be paid attention to when using waterproof adhesive?

1.Pre-processing object base

Dirty, uneven base surface is the first problem to be solved before the use of strong waterproof adhesive. Therefore, the base surface must be cleaned and polished to ensure that there is no dust, sand and uneven places. If the base surface is newly cast concrete, it should be dried and firmed. If the base surface is old concrete, it should be cleaned with water before operation.

2. Avoid three situations of using strong waterproof adhesive

Read the instructions on the use of strong waterproof adhesive before use. For example, some strong waterproof adhesive indicates that the low temperature below minus 5 degrees Celsius is not suitable for operation. Outdoor operation in northern winter will be limited. Use in a humid environment will also affect the bonding effect, so you should also avoid working on rainy days. An environment that is too hot is also not conducive to the use of strong waterproof adhesive.
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