Method For Producing Silicone Solvent

The hydrotreated low-viscosity mineral oil is used as a raw material, and a high-fraction, narrow-range base oil is cut through a narrow rectification column, and the fraction is 295-355 ℃. It is dewaxed by urea dewaxing device to make the dewaxing oil pour point below -10 ℃, and then refined by SO3 sulfonation and white clay. Silicone solvent is obtained after filtration. Silicone solvent is the raw material for the production of glass glue and sealant. Its quality directly affects the quality of glass glue and sealant. Silicone glass glue produced by using silicone solvent as raw material has the characteristics of strong adhesive force, large tensile strength, weather resistance, vibration resistance, moisture resistance, odor resistance and large changes in cold and heat.


1.Using a hydrorefined low-viscosity mineral oil as a raw material, performing rectification and cutting through a narrow rectification column, and cutting a narrow-cut base oil having a fraction of 295-355 ℃;

2.At a temperature of 25-40 ℃, the narrow fraction base oil of step 1 is dewaxed by a wet urea dewaxing process through a urea dewaxing device to produce a dewaxed oil having a pour point of -10 ℃ or less;

3.The dewaxed oil is sulfonated at a temperature of 40 to 60 ℃, and then sulfonated by SO3 in the sulfonation reactor for 5 to 8 hours to obtain a sulfonated oil;

4.Finally, the sulfonated oil is pumped into the white clay refining kettle, heated to 70-90 ℃. 2 to 4% white clay is added. The mixture is kept warm for 20 to 30 minutes, and filtered by a filter to obtain a silicone solvent.
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