Advantages Of Heat Resistant Silicone Glue

Heat resistant silicone glue is a polymer of isoprene made from latex collected from rubber trees. It has good wear resistance, high elasticity, breaking strength and elongation. It is easy to age in air, viscous when heated, easy to expand and dissolve in mineral oil or gasoline, alkali-resistant but not strong acid-resistant.

What are the advantages of heat resistant silicone glue?
1. High and low-temperature impact resistance;
3. Extremely low odor; the releases in the process are harmless to the human body;
4. No primer is needed for bonding with various substrates.
5. Excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance, and chemical erosion resistance.
6. Electrical insulation performance;
7. The single-component system is easy to use.

What are the application areas of heat resistant silicone glue?
Mainly used for sealing daily necessities, such as fresh-keeping boxes, lunch boxes and other products; food machinery, such as sealing rings of sealing machines; electronic appliances, such as pressure cookers, rice cookers; in addition, it can also be widely used in hardware, communication equipment, sanitary ware, baby products, security and environmental protection, sports equipment, printing, and mechanical manufacturing industry.
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