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  • Best Way To Apply Silicone SealantBest Way To Apply Silicone Sealant2018/10/23(1) The silicone sealant has stable quality and long-lasting effect, unlike the acrylic system. As a result, they are extremely cost-effective, especially when used in kitchens and bathrooms. Silicone...view
  • Tips For Using Silicone SealantTips For Using Silicone Sealant2018/10/22(1) Silicone sealant is one kind of sealant. It is the same system as common glass glue, that is, a substance formed from materials such as sodium silicate and silicone, silicone structural polymer. T...view
  • What Is The Best Silicone SealantWhat Is The Best Silicone Sealant2018/10/21(1) Neutral curing silicone rubber, which has good bonding strength and sealing performance for most materials, and has good high and low temperature resistance. The temperature ranges from -45 °C to...view
  • How Strong Is Silicone AdhesiveHow Strong Is Silicone Adhesive2018/10/20(1) Silicone resin is mainly used in the preparation of silicone insulating varnish, silicone coating, silicone adhesive and silicone plastic. High-performance coatings such as high-grade building ext...view
  • Silicone GelSilicone Gel2018/10/19(1) Silicone gel, alias Silicone gel or silicic acid gel, English name is Silicone gel or Silicone. The molecular formula is xSiO2·yH2O and the molecular weight is 60.08,which is Transparent or milky...view
  • What Is Silicone Glue Used ForWhat Is Silicone Glue Used For2018/10/18(1) Silicone gel can be used as a desiccant and can be reused. Silicone gel is a porous material having a different particle size which is suitably dehydrated from a silicic acid gel mSiO2·nH2O. It h...view
  • How to remove RTV siliconeHow to remove RTV silicone2018/10/17For clothing stained with this RTV silicone, the silicone should be moistened with turpentine to soften it, and then removed with gasoline. For already dry spots, apply cream or artificial butter firs...view
  • What Does Silicone Mean 2What Does Silicone Mean 22018/09/09Silicone, i.e., an organosilicon compound, refers to a compound containing the Si-C bond and having at least one organic base that is directly connected to the silicon atom. It is also customary to tr...view